Fritz Doran
Calvary Baptist's own awesome worship pastor, a dedicated worker, husband, father, and friend- this guy rocks!

Jane Lui
A fellow Chinese, singing piano/keyboard player who also has a similarly sounding last name... What are the odds?!?!? Seriously though, Jane is a spectacular musician, and the warmth and trueness of spirit and art in all she does, especially in her music always moves me.  She's up in San Francisco now so be sure to catch one of her shows if you're up in the bay area!

Christy Nicholson (formerly Christy Wilson)
A powerhouse of both a singer and keyboardist in covers and original music alike! Christy is also an instrumental part of the staff in the Xceptional Music Company

Linda Sargent
A great local musician- singer, keyboardist, and new media adventurer who has been a great resource for plugging into the independent music scene!

Linsey Yung
An awesome local San Diego singer, songwriter, keyboardist, and ukulele player too!  Her music is beautiful and inspiring, and she has a new album coming out shortly during the summer!

Mark Zeeman
My second piano teacher and now a music missionary! Mark is an energetic and excellent pianist with a nice collection of praise music arranged for solo piano in his album "Across the Glassy Sea." He continues to play piano piano concerts as well as directing choirs now in Budapest!

Calvary Baptist's Worship Team/Praise Band!
Psalm Buck Fifty doing "Trust In You" by Jeremy Camp

The La Jolla Renaissance Singers
My San Diego/La Jolla-based ensemble focusing on and performing early (pre-Baroque) choral music, primarily acapella but also complemented with period appropriate instrumentation- some of the best music ever written!

The Pop Rox
My TOTALLY AWESOME 80's band!  Come check us out!

The Xceptions
An affiliate band- these guys play a fun mix of classic rock and top 40!